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Revolutionary Contactless Technology Lets Your Customers

Find and Buy Your Products By Scanning a Simple Barcode

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Upgrade Your Business To Be More Systematic, Easier & More Inbound!!

Due to COVID,

More than 85% of Local Businesses are Struggling to Make any Profit and are on the Verge of Permanent Closure.

To keep your business

Safe from COVID, you need to adapt to the NEW NORMAL and serve your customers in a way you never did before.



A Contactless In-Store Business Management Suite which you can use to minimize Customer Contact and Run your Business with the Power of a Simple Barcode


is a Contactless Ordering System which can be used by any Local Business enabling them to:

Get More Confidence and Enhanced Trust in eyes of Customer

Minimize Customer Contact

Ensure Business Revival and Growth while staying compliant

Get Increased Customer Satisfaction

Process Orders without any Queues

Collect Contactless Payments with the Power of a Simple Barcode


Is Revival of Local Businesses

OdaDeliva is a cloud-based app, that lets local businesses (like cafes, hotels, etc.) create their online menus, that are accessible via barcode scans.

Without the need for contact, customers can easily view all the products and order whatever they want and pay then and there.

It Works in 3 Simple Steps

Customer Scans The Barcode

Customer Orders The Item

Item Gets Delivered To Customer

Don’t let your losses burn a hole in your pocket. Fight out this pandemic with OdaDeliva and make your
business COVID proof.

Here are some amazing features that come out of the box with OdaDeliva,


Complete with online store system to make it easy for you to receive orders and payments from customers and manage all transaction records systematically and easily.

Payment Gateway

Payment is now easier with various payment gateways available to accept online banking and credit card payments

Cash On Delivery

Give customers the option of cash on delivery of goods until they have just paid. This method is the most widely used in addition to online banking and credit card payments.

Take Away | Dine In

With this function it is ideal for those who run a restaurant business to facilitate table reservations and manage the date and time of reservations.

Digital Catalog

With Digital catalogs make it easy for your customers to place orders without queuing, without waiting and without contact.

QR Code

You can place and display the qr code on the desk, payment counter outside the store door or any other convenient place to facilitate the booking and payment process.

QR Template

With this qr code template you can edit in terms of colors, text and pictures according to the design to suit your business to look more professional.

Sales Notification

Sach sale you can receive notifications via email or sms according to the options you specify in the system

Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard is provided to make it easy for you to manage your business from add products, order records, payments, invoices and more

Promotion Banner

With this function you can place a promotional banner to make it easier for your customers to know the latest updates about your business promotion.


Can be used if you want to give discounted prices to your customers to simplify your promotional campaign with the coupon system available.


Generate unlimited invoice, you can input as many products as you want without having to worry about server bandwidth restrictions.

API & Webhook

You can integrate with various systems with API functionality & Webhook provided to you

Custom & Sub Domain

You are free to use your own domain name for branding or subdomains depending on your choice.

With Odadeliva business is more systematic, easier &  more inbound! of course customers are more confident in making reservations

Who Needs OdaDeliva?

For those who own shops, entrepreneurs and who provide services such as:




Coffe Shop

Beer Bars

Cake Shops


Art Gallery


Car Wash

Clown Service

Coin Dealer

Tea Salon

Cookie Business

Craft BeerPub

Garden Center

Gift Basket Design

Gourmet Candy Cart

Personal Trainer

Ice Cream Shop


Home Bakery

Shop & Lotion Making

Wine Shop





Cupcake Business

Jewellery Designer

And Much More

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Don’t let your losses burn a hole in your pocket. Fight out this pandemic with OdaDeliva and make your business COVID proof.